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Packaging and speciality papers


Sappi don’t just supply materials.




Sappi delivers sustainable and innovative solutions.


Whether you are a brand owner, converter, printer, designer or communications agency, our packaging and speciality papers give you the advantage you need.

These innovative papers for flexible packaging come with integrated barriers against oxygen, water vapour, grease, aroma and mineral oil.

Thanks to the integrated barriers, there is no need to apply special coatings or laminations. This innovative paper responds to market demand for alternatives to foils and plastic.

With their outstanding brightness and excellent printing and metallisation results, the high-quality label papers are an ideal choice for customers looking to achieve a high shelf impact and brand differentiation for their products. Developed for the wet-glue and face stock labelling of cans, jars and bottles, PET, PVC and PET containers, wines and spirits and more, they are the perfect fit for a wide variety of applications and offer high-quality and consistent results. The label papers offer high operation speed and excellent properties, such as wet strength and anti-mould.

Containerboard products offer the complete solution for all customers’ premium packaging and graphic application needs. With their brilliant colour reproduction, outstanding contrast and improved readability, our topliner containerboards increase the shelf impact of our customers’ products and offer valuable, unique brand differentiation.

On the other hand, our fluting and liner containerboards, with their superior strength characteristics, have been designed for agricultural and industrial applications including shelf-ready packaging.

Sappi offers a broad and innovative portfolio of premium paperboards (SBB and FBB1) with a multitude of surface options for your packaging and graphic applications. When looking for a high-performing premium paperboard designed to deliver brilliant a brand experience, or one that can meet the most demanding applications, our extensive line-up has the versatility to make your brand stand out. We supply some of the most renowned and valued brands with high-finish premium packaging for cosmetics and perfume, health and beauty care, consumer electronics, confectionery, luxury drinks, food packaging, and more. Sappi provides the most consistent solutions for your specific paperboard requirements.

The outstanding surface of the papers is unique in the market. Coated and uncoated matt and gloss, grease resistance, anti-mould, crimping and twisting, this product range offers versatility alongside consistently high standards that our customers can rely on.

From food sachets, banderoles for yoghurt pots and tea envelopes to cigarette innerliners and softpacks, our flexible packaging paper is suitable for a wide range of enduse applications in food and non-food packaging.