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Sappi offers a broad and innovative portfolio of premium paperboards (SBB and FBB1) with a multitude of surface options for your packaging and graphic applications. When looking for a high-performing premium paperboard designed to deliver brilliant a brand experience, or one that can meet the most demanding applications, our extensive line-up has the versatility to make your brand stand out.


Sappi supplies some of the most renowned and valued brands with high-finish premium packaging for cosmetics and perfume, health and beauty care, consumer electronics, confectionery, luxury drinks, food packaging, and more. Sappi provides the most consistent solutions for your specific paperboard requirements.

Algro Design® Nature

Recognised for its superior whiteness and beautiful silky touch. Algro Design® Nature has set the standard in colour reproduction for demanding graphic and premium packaging applications.

Algro Design® Card

Don´t compromise between packaging protection and enhanced reverse side printing performance. Algro Design® Card delivers the perfect fit for consistent brand communication throughout packaging and graphic jobs.

Algro Design® Duo

A versatile range of symmetrically double side double coated high white cartonboards, whenever a totally consistent look and feel with identical print- and finishing results are key to give you competitive edge to outclass and differentiate from competition.


Your complete solution for packaging and graphic applications. Evolved from a 30 year heritage of dedicated craftsmanship, atelier gives life to your ideas and inspirations.